A Classic Christmas Market – German-Style

T’is the season for a Christmas market! In recent years Bangkok has seen a number of year end markets pop up in December to take advantage of the fleeting cool (or winter as we sometimes refer to it).

Hans was just back in Germany where there really is a chill in the air. With his trusty camera in hand he visited a couple ‘classic’ Christmas markets or Weihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt and his hometown of Pforzheim in the south-west. Most cities and towns across the country hold similar events and attract shoppers looking for baked treats, seasonal and regional delicacies, gifts and Christmas cheer.

In recent years the Mittelaltermarkt (Medieval Market) has emerged. It is a specialty event where artisans revive ancient recipes and processes to keep traditions alive. You can literally meet the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker as well as many other smiths (trade and craftspeople). They often wear traditional costumes and are as passionate about the processes involved in creating their chosen craft as the final result.




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