A farm visit in Singapore

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Inspired gardening


Think Singapore think tropical green, well planned and clean clean clean. Yes it’s all that along with a gazillion shopping malls, tourist attractions and fabulous dining options.

Local food though? And farming? Two things that are not commonly associated with the city state now come together at the Open Farm Community.



The Outdoor Deck is a great staging post for exploring the Open Farm Community


Days before our visit Miss 5 asked where sugar comes from and subsequently wanted to know what a sugar cane plant looked like. Who would have thought that she would soon see one a short cab ride away?

Reconnecting with food and the sources is exactly what the Open Farm Community  encourages. The garden feeds the restaurant as well as the soul. It’s a place to explore and wander. Sit and wonder. Edible Garden City, a firm that promotes urban farming even in the smallest of spaces, has helped to create this delightful experience with meandering paths and abundant garden beds. They’ve truly realised their mantra; ‘beautiful gardens should be productive too.’

Gardeners can be spotted around the site yet it isn’t overly manicured – more of a wild cottage garden feel that encourages exploration. A directional sign post includes pointers to the Mandala Garden, Neverland, the Sculpture Green and Lawn Bowls. There’s also helpful signage amidst the planting in case you don’t recognise something on a vine.


The Mandala Herb Garden



Rigatoni with local mushrooms, smoked pancetta and Stilton



Dining at the Open Farm Community


Open Farm Community is an innovative venue for many reasons (including highly regarded Head Chef Ryan Clift, the locally sourced and seasonal menu, the farmer’s market they hold on the 2nd weekend of every month and the classes they have on offer). It was also refreshingly low tech on the afternoon of our visit! There was no Wi-Fi to check on flight departure details. Fabulous! We still made the flight after spending a couple hours in the sand pit playing on the wooden black and white spotted cow and ample pink pig.



Less is more in this playground



The scene on the green



130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819

Monday – Friday
12pm to 10pm

Saturday – Sunday/PH
11am to 10pm

The Farmacy
9am to 9pm daily

+65 6471 0306


(Image Credits: Open Farm Community)

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  1. Jeff Goldman

    For decades I’ve been hoping that secondary schools around the world, including in my native U.S., should add programs and curricula that educate youth about where our food comes from, how meat and processed foods are made, how hard workers labor to produce our food, etc. There are so many health, environmental, economic and security issues related to food and agriculture that greatly affect our lives and societies.

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