Mind Your Food: Questions we all need to start asking


Every day seems to bring a new food scare or scandal. One of the more high profile cases of late has involved E.Coli outbreaks linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in the United States.  One of the more shocking was the baby formula scandal in 2008  where melamine was found in infant milk products. Food safety can no longer be taken for granted and it’s surely now more important than ever to question our food.

In this Google age food is one of the final frontiers that seems to truly elude us. What exactly is in our food and how is it made? Is it due to obscure or confusing labelling or are we not asking the right questions?

Being mindful consumers and interrogating our food on the supermarket shelves and restaurant menus can ultimately help us all. It’s a starting point that is truly local.

Some questions you may want to think about include:

  • Is the butter you buy really butter? Closer inspection might reveal it’s a blend. If so what is in the blend and what percentage is actually really butter?
  • Why does it take so long for bread to go mouldy? Mmmmm? What preservatives have been used to prolong that kind of freshness?
  • Why does milk last so long without going off? Again what kind of preservatives are used?
  • What dairy products are used in your latest favourite artisanal ice cream? Asking the food maker the question directly may lead them to change their suppliers.
  • What’s in bacon, ham and other processed meats? What processes are involved?
  • Where does the ice in your drink come from?

When you start asking questions more questions may arise. Surely that’s a good thing and can hopefully lead to answers and more mindful food choices. Ask a new food question today!

(Image credit: Hans Mueller)


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