Out of Africa Part 2: 10 Great Market Ideas

Great food markets satisfy good food cravings on the spot and inspire new ideas to take home. It could be an unusual flavour, a fresh take on an overlooked ingredient or fabulous presentation. Here’s the pick of what we found in Cape Town at the weekly Neighbour Goods Market.

Breakfast in a frypan

One dish wonder – ‘breakfast in a pan’

  1. All-in-one breakfast

The winning ‘Breakfast in a pan’ featured avocado, poached egg and rocket on a tomato base. Parmesan shavings added the final touch. It comes served in a pan that shoppers return when they’re done.


Display of seed slabs

Innovative packaging for seed slabs

  1. Seed Bars

Smartly packaged seed slabs from Super Sprout are a great souvenir or gift. The ‘All in One’ pack is an especially nice idea for budding junior gardeners.


box of tuna biltong with sign

The trusty paper bag sign on the dried tuna stall

  1. The Whole Package

Tuna biltong was a winner – the handwritten sign, the taste and the proximity to where the fish were caught (just off the Cape). More than a few packets made it into our suitcase.


bowl of biltong samples

Keeping it real – themed packaging on the beef biltong stall

  1. All wrapped up 

The all beef biltong stall had animal print paper bags that said it all. Enamel-ware added to the rustic flair.


Cocktail bar sign boards

Pop up cocktail bar Copper

  1. A Cocktail Wall

Copper is a market day pop-up just outside the main hall. 3 mixes on tap made a great sunlit display. Hanging menu boards were attached to the steel frame shelving display and spelt out the cocktails on offer. Local wines were also available.


Paella pan cooking

Market paella – a feast for the senses

  1. Spanish Flair

Paella is guaranteed to draw the crowd. The size of the pan, the mouthwatering visual, watching the chef at work – it’s all part of the magic.


Assorted nuts market stall

Under cover – chocolate, yogurt and candied nuts

  1. Nut cases

Transparent domes over candied nuts are a stylish and hygenic display for sweet treats.


Shoppers sitting at market

Nifty market seating

  1. Flower pot seating

Upended pots with wooden tops and matching tables offer a novel seating solution. They’re functional and a perfect perch on which to enjoy a market feed.


macrame hangers above picnic table

Macrame flower power on market day

  1. Hanging Gardens

Bowls of lilies suspended in macramé hangers help to transform an empty warehouse space for market day. They are a simple touch that adds so much. Flowers in glass jars on the long communal tables below further enhance the setting.


Honey market stall

Table top signage at the honey stall

10. Blackboard Graphics

Handwritten chalk signage on the honey stand is a functional yet chic idea. It’s also versatile and can be updated as needed.



Neighbour Goods Market

The Old Biscuit Mill

373 Albert Road

Woodstock, Cape Town

South Africa


(Image Credits: Peta Bassett)

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