Picnic @ Conkey’s

Joe of Conkey's playing host

Joe of Conkey’s in his new hosting role

Another surprisingly cool change in Bangkok yesterday coincided with the launch of Picnics @ Conkey’s Bakery. A fire pit wouldn’t have been totally out of place as picnickers donned jackets and shared fine fare. It was the perfect event for an afternoon when everyone wanted to savour the outdoors.

Low tables on straw mats were arrayed across the lawn and paper lanterns suspended above. The standard Conkey’s market spread with abundant baguettes, sour dough loaves and trays of meatballs was replaced by picnic boxes tied with string. Included within were scotch eggs, sausage rolls, cheese, pickles and dessert squares that all washed down nicely with sparking wine.


Picnic lawn at Conkey's

A full lawn for Conkey’s first picnic


Food within the Conkey's picnic box

Inside the Conkey’s Picnic Box


Two other fine food makers were on hand. Dan Koh of Sea Truffles with his organic oysters and trademark flair and Steve Craig, the Accidental Butcher, manned the barbeque with his team. Fortunately his shop is nearby as he had to dash back to restock and keep hungry picnickers happy.


Michael Conkey at his bakery picnic

Master of the Picnic, Mr.Conkey himself (left)


A look through the hedge at Conkey's Bakery picnic

A magical evening for a picnic at Conkey’s

This first picnic attracted quite a crowd and a full car park. Perhaps a car free event could be on the cards soon to expand the lawn space. In the meantime we look forward to the next Picnic @ Conkey’s and ending more weekends on such a high note. Stay tuned for further picnic dates.




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