Pitcher Perfect in Portugal

Pitcher Cocktails stall Belem

A picture-perfect street stall parked by the Tagus River near Lisbon

Of all the gin joints in all the towns……….we’ll stop there with the Bogart quote but this has got to be the best dressed street stall we have seen in a long time. A winning combination of a great product in the right location at the perfect time of day.

Firstly the location. We came across Pitcher Cocktails on the promenade beside the Torre de Belem (Tower of Belem), a Lisbon landmark that is a Unesco World Heritage Site that tourists flock to. Thirsty customers are a given.  Visitors from countries with stricter liquor licensing laws may be surprised to find a cocktail street stall in the middle of the afternoon at a major tourist attraction. Most are delighted.

Rear view of Pitcher Cocktail stand

Back of house – the Pitcher Cocktails stand is well considered from every angle

There’s no finer place to enjoy a refreshing cocktail than in deck chairs (if you’re lucky enough to nab one) looking out over the water of the Tagus River where explorers used to sail past on their way to distant lands so very long ago.

Deck chairs beside the Tagus River

All decked out – Pitcher Cocktails courtesy seating looking out over the Tagus River

The striped seating is also part of the stall. It’s truly a full service concept from the beginning to the end. The costumed attendant, decked out in a bowler hat and equally dapper attire, first captured our attention. She added theatre to the promenade and entertained those waiting to be served. All eyes were on her cocktail skills as well as how she manoeuvred her way around the stall and it’s many clever compartments.

At first glance this is a bicycle stall. We didn’t see the set up or it being packed away but it’s hard to imagine the attendant actually cycling up with everything including the 4 deck chairs. There may have been other vehicular assistance. Still everything is well considered and Pinterest-perfect from head to toe. Even standard Ikea storage bins are jazzed up with stripes of black fabric tape for a bold graphic effect.

Pitcher Cocktails Stall with Queue

A refreshing menu in a perfect location

The menu board keeps it simple with a fine edit that offers something for everyone. Handmade lemonade and iced tea are guaranteed thirst quenchers. For those who want to start the cocktail hour early there are stronger options on offer with lots of fresh mint and zesty lime all round.

Equal parts style, flavour and theatre have been combined to create this captivating street stall. Refreshing cocktails by the water complete with deckchairs, a fabulous view and a whole lot of style in a surprising location make for a memorable experience.


(Image Credits: Peta Bassett)

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