Q & A: Pukpun Juice Delivery

Pukpun Juice founder

Pukpun Juice founder Sirilak Mahajuntanaporn

We first started spotting a cyclist every morning on Sukhumvit Soi 15 a month ago and wondered what was in the large panniers on her bicycle. A chance meeting led to the discovery that it was freshly made juice from Pukpun Juice Delivery. We have since spotted some of their other delivery cyclists on the back streets and thought we should find out more.

Pukpun was launched in 2014 by Sirilak Mahajuntanaporn. Here she explains how juicing and cycling came together for her.

I was a freelance designer and shared the same tough lifestyle as other freelancers. I worked hard and played harder without taking the time to think about my health.

Then one day illness [dermatitis and a tumor amongst other maladies]  started to knock on the door. I tried various medical treatments until finally I met a doctor who introduced me to a 6-week food recipe instead of medicine. I completely changed my eating habits and lifestyle. The doctor’s suggestions was to eat a half kilogram of fruits and vegetables everyday by creating a recipe of 5-color fruits and vegetables smoothies. I felt the improvement in my health and started to share this natural recipe with my family and friends. The feedback was so great that it turned into a business with the aim of sharing good health to public.

We deliver our homemade organic 5-color fruits & vegetables juice to customers in Bangkok every morning by a team of cyclists.

Pukpun juice in flower bed

Pukpun Juice – goes the extra mile by bicycle

WHY ARE YOUR JUICES DELIVERED BY BICYCLE? It’s a natural fit with my bicycle shop – Velayenn Bike Shop in Thonglor. I wanted this to be an entirely green business with the concept of delivery by bicycle and a jar-return system (customers have to clean and return the used jar the next morning).

As bicycle lovers we would like to create a community of cyclists to do some activities together. By delivering the juice to customers, not only they do the sport they love, but they will make friends and also earn an income. Delivery by bicycle also helps reduce pollution.

Bicycle and pukpun Juice Delivery Agent

Pukpun Juice delivery cyclist

We provide Detox 5-day program, 21-day program and 5-day testing program for new members.

Customers are welcome to buy a glass of juice at our Velayenn bike shop in Thonglor Soi Thararom 2, from Wed-Sat 9.00-12.00.

IS THE JUICE MADE FRESH DAILY? Yes, the juice is made fresh and deliver fresh every morning.

Pukpun Juice juice glasses being filled

Pukpun Juice jars being filled with fresh juice

WHERE DO YOU SOURCE YOUR PRODUCE FROM? Our ingredients are from organic farms around Thailand such as Rai Ruen Rom Organic Farm in Chiang Rai. We would like to support their efforts and we are concerned about food safety for our customers. In most cases, we went on site to see their [the farmers] processes ourselves

IN THE LONG TERM WHAT ARE YOUR AMBITIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Our aim is to establish a green business and to create  ideal jobs to help make the world a better place. We wish to support organic farmers. The more organic farming there is the better the environment will be. Also consumers are much more aware of food sources and care much more about protecting natural resources and the environment. We start from this small point and we hope to see it grow into something bigger.

Pukpun juice bicycle delivery panniers

Juice on board – a peek inside a Pukpun pannier


Facebook: Pukpun
Email: pukpunpukpunbkk@gmail.com

(Image credits: Peta Bassett and Pukpun Juice)

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