Food Maker Q & A with PaNhok Thai Sweets

Khun Wipronpan Jansiri (aka PaNhok) on her market stall

Khun Wipronpan Jansiri (aka PaNhok) on her market stall

PaNhok Thai Sweets first brought their well established brand to the Spring Epicurean Market in January 2015. Founder and owner Khun Wipronpan Jansiri is PaNhok. She concentrates on her confectionary creations while her daughter Khun Panita helps out with marketing and answering our questions.


Q: When was Panhok Sweets established, where and who by? A: PaNhok Thai Sweets was established in 1994 in Patumthani province by Khun Wipronpan Jansiri (PaNhok), my mother.

Q: Please tell us who Panhok Sweets is? 
A: My mother is the founder of the brand and also owns all the recipes that are produced in the shop. PaNhok Thai Sweets is a family business that first started as a hobby but quickly grew in popularity. I think it was to do with the traditional flavours and quality.  This hobby has now become the main source of income for our family.

Q: What is your role in the business?
A: My main role is mostly related to marketing and sales. In addition I go out a lot more than PaNhok and often see many interesting products so I return home with inspiration to develop new ideas and improve the existing products. PaNhok is still the key person who comes up with all the recipes after much experimentation.

Q: What are the house specialties and are there any secret ingredients?
A: I would say all of our desserts that require the use of coconut milk. We only use fresh coconut milk from a local supplier as it gives a better result than canned versions in terms of taste, aroma and texture. Moreover, the coconuts must be from Prachuabkhirikhan province for the best quality and richness.

Q: Please name some of your signature coconut milk-based desserts. 
A: Amongst our coconut milk-based products our best sellers would be “Ba-bin”(บ้าบิ่นมะพร้าวน้ำหอม), “Kanom-chan”(ขนมชั้นใบเตย) and “Kanom-kluay”. (ขนมกล้วย)


When only the best coconuts will do

When only the best coconuts will do

Q: Is there a guiding philosophy for Panhok Sweets?
A: The goal of PaNhok is to make desserts just like we do for our own family. Therefore, we only use the freshest ingredients and all of our desserts are free from any additives and preservatives – just like we make them at home!

Q: Are all PaNhok sweets all made by hand?
Yes, definitely! All of our products are hand made which I believe is an integral part of their character.

Q: How many people does your company employ?
A: It’s small. We only employ 3 people in the kitchen.

alt="panhok curry puffs"

Curry puffs just like your own Grandma used to make


PaNhok's yesteryear vibe on display

PaNhok’s yesteryear vibe on display

Q: Do people travel for your desserts?
A: We are so pleased that many of our customers are willing to travel to our shop as it isn’t easy to find. The shop front is an extension on our home which is situated a long way from the main road. Customers have to take many confusing turns but they still make it to the shop.

Q: What does the future hold for Panhok Sweets?
A: We are looking forward to expand with at least one branch that will be located in Bangkok to bring PaNhok closer to our customers.


Contact PaNhok Thai Sweets:

FB: ขนมคุณป้าโหนก


(Images: Hans Mueller, PaNhok)

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