Reflections of a Market


Relaxing at the market

Relaxing at the market

We’re getting nostalgic as the final Spring Epicurean Market at Spring Summer Restaurant approaches this coming Sunday eve. Thoughts turn to our first market in July 2015 with a mere 19 vendors and the 6 months of prior planning. It now seems to be a great time to reflect and share with you a few of our guiding principles.

So what has this Sunday morning event been about? The goal was and remains food transparency and connecting consumers directly with artisans. You can meet the butcher, the baker and the salted caramel maker at Spring Epicurean Market. All stall holders are there because they care about their product and the way they make it. The early morning starts (many vendors rise at 5am) are testament to their dedication. And we, the organisers, have been dedicated to providing a forum for all to meet and exchange food, views and information.

This Sunday’s night market (December 13, 2015) will be a bumper crop of 34 quality food vendors representing all food groups! We have consciously resisted large scale growth and have carefully curated the line up to minimise product overlap where possible. The market is manageable and easy to navigate and shoppers and vendors have formed a community that harks back to days gone by when it was possible to know your food makers.

New product offerings are fantastic for any market and we’ve heartily welcomed new vendors where possible. Queen Bee’s Wraps launched their reusable food wraps at the market and brought a fresh rethink to food storage. Flower Powered also started here with delicious nuts and seeds. Meanwhile anchor vendors include Sloane’s, Twist Juices and Conkey’s Bakery with market staples that regularly attract queues.

Kate Besleme presenting her Queen Bee Wraps

Kate Besleme presenting her Queen Bee Wraps

Are we sad to see the market end? Of course. It’s a fabulous location in a rare, downtown oasis where a great group of people (vendors and shoppers alike) gather once a month. The mid-century dwellings on the site will undoubtedly be removed for redevelopment which will be a loss for the entire streetscape and cumulative built environment history.

The spirit of the market will, however, live on through Many have asked and offered alternative locations for the market since we announced the impending closure. Thank you for all the suggestions. We currently don’t have plans to hold the market elsewhere but if we do we’ll let you all know of course. It would have to a magical site that goes beyond the amazing Spring Summer Restaurant garden.

Meanwhile we hope you all enjoy a magical evening this coming Sunday with lots of great food shared amongst friends. Thanks for coming.

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